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Unsealed: A Navy SEAL's Guide to Mastering Life's Transitions

by Mark Greene,Shelby Rawson


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SEALs are notorious for telling riveting stories without a shred of emotion. There's a good reason for that. They've been trained to keep their emotions at bay-to be hard-so they can accomplish seemingly impossible missions. Rarely do you find a Navy SEAL who is willing to be vulnerable and share from the heart.

Mark Greene is one of those SEALs. For years, he didn't understand how emotions played a part in decision-making. He had trained and worked under such extreme conditions that there was no room for subjectivity. Logic dominated his thoughts.

That is, until he suffered an accident that ripped away his outer seal of protection. What he experienced was unparalleled. As a result, Mark became unsealed.

The transition from college athlete to college dropout, then from SEAL training to enlisted SEAL, and from sniper to civilian proved more painful than exciting. But one thing remained constant ... Mark never suffered alone.

Through the process of navigating his own difficult transitions and helping other veterans with theirs, Mark has discovered that there are six phases of transition, and each phase follows a predictable pattern.







By embracing these phases, locking in your anchor points, and adapting each one to your own specific situation, you can ease the pain of change, knowing that the next phase is coming soon.

Everything you want-life-giving relationships, genuine happiness, a successful business, peace of mind-awaits on the other side of the struggle. UNSEALED will light the path.