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Valued: The Six Coaching Habits That Turn Subject Matter Experts Into Enthusiastic Talent Developers

by Matthew Dickerson,Jerry Toomer


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Join the journey toward becoming a valued leader dedicated to transforming lives and finding your value through investing in others.

Are you a high performer at work avoiding formal leadership roles because you underestimate what’s in it for you? Yet in doing so, you may be missing the amazing opportunity to find the very thing you’re looking for in your career:

VALUED: The Six Coaching Habits That Turn Subject Matter Experts into Enthusiastic Talent Developers is a transformative book that unveils the path to:
• finding
profound meaning at work by deliberately investing in others
• the
immense value of investing in people
empowering them to reach their full potential

VALUED not only showcases the importance of investing in others, but also equips you with new ways to make that happen. You’ll be inspired to consider career paths that have seemed insurmountable before—people leadership positions where you can make a significant impact by nurturing and developing the talents and skills of your team members.