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Triumph over Trauma Volume 1: Top Experts Share Personal Stories on the Power of Letting Go

by Divya Parekh,Lisa Marie Pepe,Lisa Gibson,Wendy M. Kok,Cecelia Livingston,Janis Melillo,Lydia Michelle,M. Ethel Myers,Izzy Nalley,Daffany Nance,Juliet Westerberg


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Dive into soul-warming tales of 'Triumph Through Trauma' and meet nine incredible women who've turned life's toughest battles into breathtaking victories. Each story in this collection is a heart-to-heart conversation, brimming with courage, tears, and triumphant smiles.

It's more than a book; it's a journey alongside friends who whisper, 'If I could do it, so can you.' Their resilience will embrace you, their bravery will inspire you, and their wins will fill your heart with joy.

Get ready to see the world through their eyes and find a piece of yourself in their stories.