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YOU Lead You: Self-Leadership Instead Of Self-Sabotage

by Trevor Stockwell


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What is success for you? Finding purpose, achieving global fame, building a profitable business, owning fast cars & multiple homes, saving the environment, making the world a better place for others…?

Could you be more successful?

Are you ready to stop self-sabotage?

Do you feel frustrated, limited, with a growing sense that more is possible?

Life is messy and you will not get things right 100% of the time but every experience feeds into the growth process. Self-leadership is our superpower and often the determinant to the level of success or failure we experience, the decider of optimal or mediocre living. We decide how far we want to go. This book reveals the common allies and enemies to successful self-leadership, and provides practical insights for leveraging the benefits as well as highlighting areas for personal development.

The more you raise your level of awareness regarding these areas and consistently develop and express them, the more effective your self-leadership will be, empowering you to experience more fulfilment and lead others more successfully.

Everything of value has a cost associated to it. If self-leadership was easy, everyone would be a great leader but the pay-off for consistently investing in yourself and living with intention is HUGELY SATISFYING!

If you focus the right level of time and energy in developing great self-leadership consistently, it will maximise EVERY part of your life, minimise self-sabotage, AND bring exponential positive returns towards those you lead!

We cannot experience life to the full without taking responsibility for the power we have to think, create and lead. Wherever we find ourselves, we can ALL, by giving attention to the right inputs, live and lead better. This book is one of those inputs!

YOU Lead You.

How will you use the power you have?

‘Our success is determined by how well we lead ourselves’