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A balloon in a gusty wind

by Cynthia Sacht,Ilona Beutum


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It’s 1997 and apartheid has fallen.
A New South Africa has emerged, victorious.
Opportunities abound and hope transcends, but for some the warped ideology of that era still lingers.

Attorney, Lexie Lewin, wife of the charismatic Steve, embraces their surreal lifestyle at Kismet Manor. Alluring and idealistic, she becomes the voice for abused women on the Saturday morning TV talk-show – a panel that aims to foster unity across the racial divides. Meanwhile, she maintains a friendship with her co-panellist, Doctor Henry Kyler, one that has far-reaching consequences.

Kate Mabusa, the African maid at Kismet Manor, has truly and utterly loved a white man and borne his child, yet she never speaks about him – even to her daughter – even though the laws have changed and love across the colour barrier is no longer a crime.

Inextricably linked, a murder and trial rattles the world of these diverse characters.

A balloon in a gusty wind is a reality-based novel about the vagaries of love and family, betrayal, convoluted justice and of course, kismet.