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The Ai Accelerator: How to 10X Your Productivity, Clone Your Smartest Employees, and Monetize Your IP in the New Ai-Economy

by Mike Koenigs,Peter Diamandis


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Serial entrepreneur, business and tech expert, and best-selling author Mike Koenigs is one of the first to use Ai to create entirely new businesses, products, and brands from scratch, and transform existing businesses from old-school models to new “Ai-ified” multiplier businesses. Now, he’s giving you the roadmap to enter the Trillionaire Ai Economy.

Inside you’ll find a complete step-by-step blueprint for putting Ai to work in your business to…
  • Immediately get back at least one day a week of productivity for you and everyone on your team.
  • Clone yourself and your smartest employees so you’re never owner or key-person dependent again.
  • Create your own custom Ai “bots” that know all of your IP, can write like you, understand your market, and can generate all your marketing at the push of a button.
  • Design, recruit, monitor, and coach your sales team to as much as 80% improvement in sales.
  • Have an intern create a year’s worth of marketing in an hour or two using a custom programmed Ai that anyone can do virtually for free.
  • Translate every podcast, video, website, and document in your business into any language on the planet so you can instantly access any new market you want.
  • Package and commercialize your proprietary IP into software built and powered by Ai to create recurring revenue opportunities, and 10X-100X business valuations.
Speak Ai, think in Ai, know what tools to use, what tools do what, how to “stack” systems to get better results, faster, and how to create an Ai culture your teams embrace instead of fear. How to avoid resistance, fear, rebellions, and mutiny.

Mike gives you the exact Ai tools to use today, where to find the next great tool (thousands are launched every week), word-for-word prompts, and most importantly, the 3 key mindsets you need for leveraging Ai.

Are you ready to take your business into the new Trillion Dollar Ai Economy with the Ai Accelerator Process?

"Every time there's a significant tech x marketing breakthrough, over the last 30 years, Mike's always been a trailblazing leader for ambitious entrepreneurs. If you're around him and his team for a day, everything in your marketing gets significantly easier, faster, cheaper, and your revenues multiply. This will be an exponentially greater result now that Mike has mapped out how AI can transform both your back stage and front stage. This is my 50th year of coaching, and Mike makes my top three list of great, helpful marketing trans-formers."

"Mike knows how to get the attention of any audience, get them engaged, see a bigger Moonshot future for themselves, and make it real with AI. He knows how to make technology fun, engaging, and exciting for anyone who wants to live a bigger and more abundant life. Read this book right now if you want to know how to make AI work for you."

“This amazing book goes straight to the heart of the AI Revolution, saving you a fortune in time and money by teaching you the most practical, proven methods and techniques available in this exciting industry.”

"He recently sat down with my husband Mike and helped him start writing his book in less than 30 minutes using AI. It was not only mind-blowing, but it was also an emotional experience for both of us. If you want to live in a state of abundance, read Mike's books, listen to his podcasts, and pay attention to what he's doing now—it will be the next big thing."