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Beauty from Ashes: A Christian Couple’s Journey from Abortion to Redemption

by Jeff Bradford,Tricia Bradford


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Experience how love, faith, and forgiveness bring healing after a couple confronts their deepest secret.

In this refreshing life-affirming memoir, an unexpected pregnancy and the heartbreak of a hushed-up abortion catapult newlyweds, Jeff and Tricia, into a lifelong spiritual journey of transformation and forgiveness.

Jeff and Tricia experience the consequences of the world’s misinformation on abortion, breaking the Ten Commandments, and financial hardships that almost tore their marriage apart. Their story,
Beauty from Ashes: A Christian Couple’s Journey from Abortion to Redemption, is for anyone who’s suffered loss and wants to heal their relationship with themselves, their marriage, their family, and with God.

Through Jeff and Tricia’s perspective, this book will help teach you how to:

  • Recognize and break free from generational cycles of pain
  • Shine a light on emotional avoidance to find redemption and empathy
  • Improve your marital communication and intimacy
  • Let go of past sins and believe in God’s boundless love and grace
  • Find hope and purpose to tackle your challenges with renewed faith

Jeff and Tricia transform from a life of secrecy and shame into brave advocates for the pro-life movement.
Beauty from Ashes can prove that beauty can rise from ashes as a testament to our potential to effect change.