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Holistic EMF Protection Made Easy: Practical Solutions to Safeguard Your home and Loved Ones From the Health Risks of Radiation Exposure

by Patrick van der Burght,Martin Latino,Farzad Nejatpour,Allen Cheney,Jason King,Noura Othman,Samir Derrar,Marcus Schluschen,Beata Rakowski,Azul Fernandez,David Lange


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Who could be more reliable in guiding you through the complexities of EMF Exposure and Protection than our global specialists?

These professionals, backed by a 40-year history, not only focus on reducing EMF exposure but also prioritize the creation of long-term healthier spaces.

5G is here and 6G is coming, but these new mobile networks are not the only cause for concern. Thousands of peer-reviewed research studies indicate that exposure to radiation from sources like phone towers, phones, power supply, electrical wiring in your walls, WiFi and more, can be a serious health risk. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) saw it necessary back in 2011 to classify radio frequency radiation as a possible carcinogen Group 2B, which is the same category as exhaust fumes!

In this book, 11 international EMF radiation specialists take you on a logical journey to educate you about dealing with domestic radiation exposure in a holistic and verifiable way.
Inside, you will learn about:

  • Some of the research that is available on the topic of EMF radiation and how anyone can be affected by it quietly with minor symptoms like headaches, build up to very serious illnesses or cause chronic conditions like electromagnetic hypersensitivity and fertility problems.
  • Sources of EMF radiation in and around a home
  • What you should know about buying or using an amateur meter to investigate your home or a potential home yourself
  • How an EMF Consultant would investigate your situation with your family and guide you through proper mitigation
  • What easy things you can do to reduce EMF exposure and what the logic is behind holistic and verifiable EMF protection measures like shielding paint and circuit cut-off switches
  • Safer solar power insights
  • Radiation-free home construction considerations.

The world is filled with misinformation about how to deal with EMF radiation. Verifiable results and long-term holistic considerations for EMF protection and healthier homes should be the priority. Here, you will find a logical approach you can understand based on a 40-year history of dealing with this subject from a natural health perspective.