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Mom, I Have a Problem: An Unraveled True Story of Depression, Suicide, Resilience, and Second Chances

by Sophia Manarolis


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In this intense and gripping true story, award-winning author Sophia Manarolis takes you on a deeply personal journey through the dark realms of depression, offering a raw and profound understanding of depression, suicide, resilience, and support.

With gripping honesty, she shares her near death experiences with facts about depression and multiple suicide attempts.

A must-read for everyone struggling with anxiety, stress, or living with depression themselves, as well as for concerned parents of the anxious generation. Sophia's powerful narrative sheds light on the importance of depression awareness, prevention of suicide, and support in the face of this debilitating condition.

Drawing from her own path to depression recovery, Sophia emphasizes the crucial need for burnout prevention and highlights the transformative power of compassion and understanding in saving the lives of our loved ones. As a suicide attempt survivor, mental health strategist, and practitioner with extensive training in counseling and life coaching, she brings a unique perspective to offer practical guidance and hope.

But Sophia's journey doesn't end there. In this updated edition of “Depression Doesn’t Discriminate,” she takes her adversity and turns it into prosperity by introducing the 3:16 Movement, a groundbreaking approach to building a non anxious life for the anxious generation.

This depression self-help book is an authentic and compelling account that delves deep into the realities of depression, providing real-life advice on how to support family members and close friends who are facing their own battles with anxiety and depression.

If you seek a raw and transformative new understanding of depression, this book on depression offers the insights and inspiration needed to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.