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Beyond Profit & Productivity: Putting Positive Workplace Culture to Work

by Paul Krismer,Jackson Kerchis

ASIN: B0D3897S1R

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Workplace culture is your key to exceptional success in business. In fact, culture is equally important as strategic vision, effective business processes, and your value proposition. This book provides a road map to optimal culture. It tells you how to create one that truly sets your organization apart.

Today, there is an incredibly tight labor market, resulting in record-low unemployment numbers and massive churn in the workforce. Modern large workplaces too often feel soul-sucking… joyful learning never happens… enthusiastic teamwork and playful innovation are gone… labor is bought, but hearts are on strike. These places have massive competitive disadvantages. They lose productivity and profitability. They have poor customer service, lots of absenteeism, and are followers, playing catch-up to the companies that truly innovate.

These businesses are where the “get up and go!” got up and left a long time ago. The popular press is calling this period “The Great Resignation.” Droves of workers are leaving their employers looking for something better. What is better? Rarely is it articulated this succinctly, but put simply, people want to be happier at work.

This book is a
wake-up call for organizations of all sizes. Can our businesses step past sort-term quarterly profits and instead see a grander vision? Can business be a force for good not only for the people in the workforces, but for the world? Can happiness and well-being be the vision that propels some organizations to greatness?

Look inside for an incredibly practical, action-oriented recipe to build your thriving workplace culture. In this book you’ll learn how workforce well-being, culture, and worker engagement are inseparable from these other more traditional business concerns.

Happiness means creativity, productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Happiness means business!