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Selling the Truth: Unleash the Power of the Advisory Selling Method

by Paul Roth


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Every human conversation is a selling conversation so telling the truth means Selling the Truth. No matter who you are or what you do, this book is for you. By learning the Advisory Selling Method, you develop your natural ability to Sell the Truth.

The Advisory Selling Method is an important innovation in the evolution of selling that unleashes your creativity, compassion for others, and the power to make a real difference on behalf of the people you serve. It demands that you put their best interest ahead of all other priorities including yours.

  • With Advisory Selling every process goes smoother.
  • There is more certainty of successful client project completion.
  • You get a greater chance of longer-term relationships and more deals.

PAUL ROTH - During more than two decades as a business coach and consultant working with professional selling agents, other professionals, and many organizations, Paul developed the Advisory Selling Method featured in this book and in his many live online programs.

"Paul's ability to strip down selling to our most basic and innate communication styles is one of the many reasons why his approach has been so invaluable to me. Advisory Selling gets to the heart of what selling is - it's human - and will be transformative to sales as an industry and eye-opening to industry veterans, who have been using the same agenda-based techniques pushed over the last several decades."

-Alex Blagojevich, Founder and CEO of MMG/CRE

"The Advisory approach applies to education because it honors young people as equal and valued participants in their own learning process, rather than considering them to be 'empty vessels' for teachers to fill."

-Ed Madison, University of Oregon, School of Journalism

"Paul Roth is pure genius, and I am fortunate to call him my mentor. His methods are groundbreaking. His unique ability to capture the unseen and turn it into reality is pure magic. I know that without him I probably would not be where I am today."

-Rhonda Britten, Emmy Award-Winner