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Activate Success: Tips, Tools, & Insights To Be A Leader In Your Niche

by Sujata Ives,Sandra Horton


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Do you know how to Activate Success in the workplace and in your personal life?

In this book you will receive:

  1. Twenty-Seven Activators
  2. The Ives-Horton Leadership Model
  3. Foundational Constructs:
  • Feelings, Values, Stressor Formula
  • Empathy-Ethic Principle
  • New Normal Phenomenon Concept

In the wake of the consequences of an unprecedented global pandemic crisis, war, and turmoil, we are thrilled to present Activate Success: Tips, Tools, and Insights to Be A Leader In Your Niche. This book equips you with our three-pillar model that involves Self-Discovery, Change Readiness, and Sustainable Impact. You can use this model to help yourself navigate through the complexities of work and life.

Agile business practices were desperately needed at the three levels of individual, team, and organization. The workplace was evolving rapidly, and the workplace could not keep up. Many leaders were hoping that things would return back to normal with expeditious healthcare.

As expert leaders, we never assumed that things would return to the old ways. Why? Because crisis, war, and turmoil changes people. In our quest to understand how we could use historical events to adapt to a radical change, we observed that employees were yearning for empathy, never prioritized in workplaces before. They needed the creation of something new that could keep up with a new set of values that replaced the old ones with empathy, psychological safety, and wellness.

Workplace jargon changed and expanded into new language that required different procedures, organizational practices, systems operations, human resource applications, AI, and different innovations.

We witnessed extreme shifts in workplace retention, as droves of individuals made the decision to enter into a new reality at home to stay with children aging parents, and pets. The world crisis highlighted the emergence of a future employee, where belongingness, connection, and engagement emerged as requirements for the creation of a new workplace.

Activate Success will assist you to easily identify what you value most and especially during transition times, so you can better rethink the way to success for your future. We know that your spirit, soul, and intuition have also entered the new workplace. We know that you are thinking about creating something existentially greater than yourself as you bring your new values into the workplace.