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Crossing the Centuries: Connecting to 165 Spirits and Energies of my Ancestral Tree

by Brenda Hammon


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To help fulfill my purpose in this life, I must find out about my past.

Two hundred years. Interviews with one hundred and sixty-five spirits. Two years of writing. You are about to read a memoir unlike any other!

Have you ever wondered why you are you? Where you fit in you long line of ancestors?

Writer, psychic and intuitive medium, Brenda Hammon, wondered about her ancestors and their stories her entire life, and spent over twenty years researching them. After hiring genealogical investigators, doing hundreds of hours of research, and travelling to the United States to visit graveyards from the American Civil War - Brenda knew there was so much more to her ancestors' stories.

She wanted to bring her dead family members back to life. And she decided to do something that's never been done before. Brenda used her many spiritual gifts to connect with ancestors who died almost two hundred years ago. And it worked!

Who showed up in her home office and sometimes spun in her office chair? American Civil War soldiers. Farmers and pioneers. Women who didn't have the right to vote but who held their families together. Children. Mothers and fathers and grandparents. Convicts and murderers. Mysterious energies and experiences that will keep you reading long into the night.

This spiritual memoir is filled with Brenda's ancestors' stories; and historical documents and facts relevant to when they lived, loved, and died. She also takes you on her own journey of how her gifts came to be and why they grew in intensity over the years.

You'll never look at your family tree the same way again!