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Eye Contact Over Truk: Heartrending Historical Fiction

by Stephanie Woodman


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A forgotten battle. A live-aboard dive vessel. Will exploring what lies under the coral tear these men apart?

America, 1985. Nick Mitchel is wracked by grief. Destroyed by his beloved wife’s death, the retiree is fighting to keep his flashbacks from disturbing long-buried truths. And a diving expedition in the Pacific Ocean he’d hoped would heal old wounds only reopens dark memories of the war…

Japan. Junichi Takahashi is brimming with indignation. After surviving the WWII firebombing of Tokyo as a child, he resents his dying father’s request to explore a sunken graveyard. And with the location now a tourist mecca for scuba divers, he’s furious that one of his nation’s most tragic losses has turned into an underwater playground.

As Nick struggles with nightmarish visions, his anger awakens when a saboteur starts tampering with his equipment. And as Junichi battles to make peace with his grim history, he confronts Nick in a dangerous collision of perspectives.

Can the two men salvage anything from the wreckage of a bitter conflict?

Eye Contact Over Truk is a heartrending work of historical fiction. If you like nuanced characters, emotional journeys, and surreal backdrops, then you’ll love Stephanie Woodman’s thought-provoking exploration of the past.

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