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The Search for Grace: Heal Your Life From the Inside Out

by Krista Emma Gawronski,Emmanuel Dagher


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Have you noticed that the energy in the world feels more intense, and the pace of life seems much faster than it once was? We're not only busier, but we're feeling way more pressure and fear than ever before. Anxious, exhausted, and overwhelmed-these are words that are being used to describe how people are feeling. So, what can we attribute all this anxiety and affliction to, and how do we take better care of ourselves?

The Search for Grace ... Heal Your Life From the Inside Out is timely because it helps you manage stress, elevate your vibration, and become proactive with your health. Learn mind-body medicine techniques that will activate your resilience. Explore the sacred parts of your inner self that hold wisdom, spiritual guidance, and self-compassion.

Krista has compiled the most beautiful anecdotes, inspirational stories, and valuable tools to uplift your soul. Each chapter takes you to another level of awareness and growth. You'll gain the courage and insight to process emotions and heal grief and trauma. Spirituality provides a framework to love yourself more deeply so that you're fully engaged in your relationships and purpose. When GRACE takes center stage in your life, you see everything more clearly.

There's simply never been a greater time for you to prioritize your well-being, elevate your consciousness, and stream love to others in the world.

And it all starts right here ...

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