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When Work Works: Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Contemporary Workplace

by Cindy Lundin,Dana Grindal,Cindy Schuler,Michele Fantt Harris,Nicole Hollar,Ralph de Chabert,Eric Williamson,Christina Reising,Wendy Cocke,Doug Reitz,Jeff Nally,Amy Oviedo,Molley Ricketts,S. Richard Park,Pamela D. Grey


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What makes work truly work?

When Work Works: Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Contemporary Workplace delves into this complex question. Through the lens of fifteen diverse thought leaders spanning various industries and roles, this insightful volume navigates the multifaceted terrain of high-performing organizations. It sheds light on the myriad factors shaping contemporary work environments, from culture and well-being to work/life balance, flexibility, diversity, inclusion, belonging, personal and professional development, and even spirituality in work.

One resounding message emerges: there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

Each chapter presents a unique perspective, showcasing the nuanced approaches organizations can take to foster success. Whether it's redefining workplace culture, prioritizing employee well-being, embracing flexible work arrangements, or championing diversity and inclusion, this book offers a wealth of ideas for creating optimal workplaces.

Through engaging narratives and actionable insights,
When Work Works invites readers to reconsider conventional notions of work and embrace innovative strategies for building thriving organizations. It's a compelling read for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone passionate about shaping the future of work in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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