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The M.A.D. Safety Book for Leaders (Make a Difference)

by Mark Morgan


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Your Company Needs Your Safety-Focused Leadership!

Leaders at every level of your company can make a profound difference in employee safety, but they may often struggle to influence safety performance effectively.

Through 14 engaging chapters, you will find practical and proven safety-focused leadership advice written in an appealing, non-academic style. Each chapter also provides one or more "Top Ten" lists designed to succinctly help you enhance your safety leadership skills.

The M.A.D. Safety Book for Leaders (Make a Difference) will help you gain the skills and perspective to understand how to:

  • Establish the foundational elements of safety leadership and drive a positive safety culture.
  • Lead with care and compassion to better engage employees.
  • Motivate employees to work safely and help protect them from injury risks
  • Identify the actual reasons why injuries happen and discover strategies to prevent them
  • Develop leaders within your company to see their leadership gaps that lead to injury risks

Are you ready to “
Make A Difference”?