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How to Hear YES More Often : Harnessing the Power of Influence and Ethical Persuasion in Business

by Patrick van der Burght,Leopold Ajami,John Doorbar,James Rose,Martin John,Mark Brown,Pilar Bringas


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Elevate your business communication and secure your competitive advantage with "How to Hear YES More Often." Authored by Certified Persuasion Specialists, this book reveals the science and art of ethical persuasion, ensuring long-term success without compromising integrity.

Discover the Secrets of Ethical Persuasion:

  • Real-World Examples: Gain insights from real-world scenarios and experiences that demonstrate the effective application of persuasion principles.
  • Scientific Approach: Learn the science behind how people make decisions and how to ethically influence them.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Move beyond basic influence theories and develop a profound understanding of the latest research and practical skills needed to apply persuasion confidently.

What You'll Learn:

  1. The Principles of Persuasion: Understand and implement the seven principles of influence as defined by Dr. Robert Cialdini—Reciprocity, Liking, Unity, Social Proof, Authority, Consistency, and Scarcity.
  2. Ethical Application: Apply these principles ethically in various business situations to achieve transformative results.
  3. Practical Insights: Benefit from the authors' diverse experiences and actionable insights to enhance your persuasion skills.

About the Authors: Meet Patrick van der Burght, Leopold Ajami, John Doorbar, James Rose, Martin John, Mark Brown, Pilar Bringas, and Isto Felin. Each author brings a unique perspective and expertise in ethical influence and persuasion, contributing to a rich and diverse exploration of the subject.

Empower Your Business: Whether you're a startup entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this book provides the tools and strategies to improve your communication, build stronger relationships, and achieve your business goals. Start your journey towards hearing "YES" more often and unlock your potential for success.