Evolvepreneur Memberships

$11.00 / Month

Entry level membership which allows you access to extra benefits including:

  • Access to a selection of Courses not available to free users
  • Expert Status for Guest Appearance on Evolvepreneur Podcast
  • Complimentary ExpertsNetwork.tv membership (coming soon)

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FREE / Year

Our initial free level membership gives you basic access to the evolvepreneur platform.
Plus also receive these bonuses valued at 1000's of dollars

Goal Setting Think Sheets
3 Part Marketing Strategies Video Series
3 Part Lead Capturing Video series

  • How to Create a Lead Capturing Business Card
  • How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four-Part Process.
  • How To Create a Prospect Capturing Landing Page

10 Part Audio & Workbook Series including 

  • Creating your Market Dominating Position 1 & 2
  • How Target Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell
  • How To Identify Low Hanging Fruit
  • How To Identify Your Perfect Target Market
  • How To Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking
  • How We Raise Our Prices Without Losing A Single Customer
  • How We Use Compelling Incentives
  • How We Create So Much Added Value In Our Business

Goal Setting for Life and Freedom Course
Entrepreneurs Guide to Focus Blueprint
Massive Motivation Course
Entrepreneurial Success Course
Success Habits Course
Day pass to the Evolvepreneur Summit
4 Complete Sample Marketing Portfolios to Model (Chiropractor,Financial Planner,Lawn Mowing and Plumber)

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